Our service


With excellent translation teams from all over the world, Ezenhall has translators with expertise and various cultural backgrounds. Our translators’ understanding of local culture and grasp of popular language usage allows us to close the gap between different languages. Our translators have a wealth of experience working with all varieties of content, including TV series, films, animations, documentaries, awards ceremonies, concerts, variety shows, and advertising.


Script Adaptation

Because of differences in language and culture, sometimes plots and dialogue need to be altered to conform to local culture. Ezenhall provides professional rewriting services that can help make your work accord to local customs and language usage, so that audiences can easily understand content and fully enjoy your production.



Ezenhall closely proofreads subtitles and maintains high production standards. We are able to meet a plethora of subtitle specifications and strive to make subtitles read smoothly so that audiences can have a pleasurable viewing experience.


Special on screen text

For different types of film and television productions, we specially produce creative and appealing subtitles to make the final product more engaging and exciting.



Together with professional partners and audio directors from around the world, we work with top-of-the-line professional voice actors, celebrities and professional voice actors to create language transformations that generate productions for local viewers. Dubbing is not just “reading a script.” Through vocal performances, characters are given new life. Eliminating language barriers allows audiences both young and old to enjoy translated productions naturally.


Sound design

Ezenhall provides excellent sound design services. According to the plot and characters’ appearances and personalities, we create vocal styles that are a perfect fit. Whether for television series, films, animations, or video games, our sound design process creates characters that leave a deep impression on audiences.


Video Editing

Ezenhall provides professional video editing services. According to your ideas and requirements, we can provide creative arrangements for your work and integrate new concepts and popular elements to greatly enhance its quality. We also provide services such as video editing and exporting, and file conversion.


Music production

Ezenhall can produce original music for your production, creating a gentle melody to flow through your production and adding a unique atmosphere.



Ezenhall is partners with experienced and outstanding mixing engineers that excel in creating the perfect synthesis of dialogue, music, sound effects and visual components. We use top-of-the-line mixing equipment and regularly update hardware and software to produce the highest quality work.


Effects design

Strange. This part sounds like it’s missing something!
If you encounter such a problem, Ezenhall’s professional sound effect production team can help you create natural sound effects to fill empty spaces in your work for a higher level of completeness and quality.


Effects creation

Do you want to add soul to your work?
Ezenhall’s sound effect team can create unique custom sound effects for you. We can generate special sound effects for television series, animations, movies, and audio books to make productions more vivid and interesting.